County Website & Camping Permits

Pinellas County’s website for Shell Key has been incorporated into the new Parks and Conservation Resources department’s website.  The camping permit page has also been updated.

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Article: County Website & Camping Permits
2 comments on “County Website & Camping Permits
  1. Hello Jack. Thanks for running this website, and promoting responsible behavior with such a precious resource.
    Island Ferry has started a service for campers wishing to camp at Shell Key’s campsite. We have started this service in response to demand from callers looking for a way to get to the campsite (we have been running service to Egmont and Anna Maria for some time now). As part of that effort, we of course try to guide campers on the rules, responsible behavior, and the permitting process.
    I was wondering if you could help us bring visibility to this new service for campers. We have already brought three separate groups to the campsite, and back. I’d love to discuss with you further, if you wish. You can at 727-742-2277. Thanks so much!

    GM, Island Ferry

    • Jack Coletti says:

      Hi Sebastain,

      That’s great news! I know a lot of people will be very pleased to know about the new service for campers. It’s one of the most common requests that I get on our site. I will be happy to talk with you about promoting the service on I will give you a call this week to talk about how we can help get the word out.

      Thanks and have a great day!


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