It is a fact of human nature and public policy that a few bad apples can often ruin things for the rest of us. There is nothing more frustrating for responsible citizens than to find that their rights and privileges have been restricted – because of the behavior of a few inconsiderate or uninformed people.  At, our mission is to promote collective responsibility for the stewardship of Shell Key.  We volunteer our time and resources to protect our privileges as boaters and campers on Shell Key.

In pursuit of this goal, we conduct regular volunteer island cleanups – and work proactively to promote environmental awareness about the plant and animal life in Shell Key Preserve. Our Island Guardian program sponsors dedicated volunteers who patrol the island on a monthly basis. This website and our proposed signage improvement project will help better communicate the need to tread lightly on this irreplaceable resource.

Environmental advocates face enormous odds in preserving our remaining undeveloped natural resources. They are fighting an uphill battle to preserve biodiversity on our planet and we are grateful for their herculean efforts. We believe that areas like Shell Key Preserve, that exist amid our thickest urban sprawls, are  an important tool for outreach and education.  By giving the public a sense of ownership and investment in this local resource we can build support for the larger goals of fostering biodiversity on our planet.

Our volunteers know that with privilege comes responsibility.   By taking responsibility for ourselves – and also for those few bad apples who might ruin it for the rest of us – we are working for a future where our grandchildren will still be able to enjoy the profound experience of spending the night under the stars in our own tropical paradise.

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