Shell Key Campfires Banned During Summer Nesting Season

Campfires on Shell Key will be prohibited during the May 1 – Sept. 30 Sea Turtle nesting season. This seasonal ban is intended to address the problem caused by light pollution on nesting and hatching sea turtles. It’s no secret that

Hide & Seek Marsh Rabbit Challenge

One of the rarely photographed animals on Shell Key is the illusive Marsh Rabbit.  Marsh rabbits are listed in the Shell Key Management Plan as a native inhabitant of the island – and yet, as a lifetime camper on the

Buried Treasure

We were thrilled to spot our first Loggerhead turtle of the season swimming in Bunces Pass last week.  This is sea turtle nesting season – so please tread lightly on Shell Key.  If you are camping overnight, please do not

Mangroves on Shell Key

Mangroves: Semper Fi

Mangroves are a lot like the US Marines. They travel across great distances by sea and they arrive to establish a beachhead on a young and fragile sandbar.     They bring with them all the supplies they need to survive in

North End Channel Dredged

Update: 06/2015 – The north channel is completely closed and un-navigable.  Water is stagnant on the inside of the North End. Update: 07/2013 – The small channel created by this Spring’s dredging has already been filled back in by the prevailing

The Jedi Sign Trick

Passive communication is a subtle thing Information, placed in a public location, does not automatically find it’s way into the human mind and begin to effect behavior.  As a seasoned sign maker, advertising professional and behavioral scientists, I have seen my share of well

Scourge of the Sandspur

Florida natives are often surprised when we warn our northern visitors about sandspurs – and are met with blank stares or the innocent question: “What’s a Sandspur?”. ‘Sandspurs’ or ‘sandburs’ are a type of grass that produces many thorny and

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Autumn on Shell Key

Autumn on Shell Key marks the waning of the oppressive summer heat and the start of camping season. Usually preceded by gentle rain squalls, the cool air moves south in waves that are a week or so apart.    It moves

It’s Springtime on Shell Key

Winter turns to Spring quickly on  Shell Key.  This time of year, the sun becomes warmer as its angle rises back toward it’s summer perch high in the sky.  Yet, the gulf water temperature will remain cool for a while

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