Scourge of the Sandspur

Florida natives are often surprised when we warn our northern visitors about sandspurs – and are met with blank stares or the innocent question: “What’s a Sandspur?”. ‘Sandspurs’ or ‘sandburs’ are a type of grass that produces many thorny and

Navigating A Boat Around Shell Key

Learn how to navigate safely around Shell Key Florida. Boating in Shell Key Preserve is carefully regulated to protect sea beds and marine estuaries. Please observe all posted boundaries and no-wake zones… Before you go: The north and south ends of

County Website & Camping Permits

Pinellas County’s website for Shell Key has been incorporated into the new Parks and Conservation Resources department’s website.  The camping permit page has also been updated.

Shell Key – Island Visitor Checklist

No phone, no lights, no motor car Not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe … It’s primitive as can be When you visit Shell Key, you are essentially in the wilderness. There are no toilets – there is no running

County rules on Shell Key

To steer clear of trouble on Shell Key, please be aware of the above listed rules.  The rules are enforced by the Pinellas County Sheriff with an aquatic unit called the ‘LIMA Unit.     The Sheriff patrols the island

Autumn on Shell Key

Autumn on Shell Key marks the waning of the oppressive summer heat and the start of camping season. Usually preceded by gentle rain squalls, the cool air moves south in waves that are a week or so apart.    It moves

It’s Springtime on Shell Key

Winter turns to Spring quickly on  Shell Key.  This time of year, the sun becomes warmer as its angle rises back toward it’s summer perch high in the sky.  Yet, the gulf water temperature will remain cool for a while

a visitor’s guide to Shell Key …

Get everything you need to visit Shell Key and learn more about this wonderful local destination.  We have information on boat navigation, wilderness camping, visitor rules, science and history of the island and the surrounding waters.  Shell Key Preserve is located

Interview with Pam Leisure

We sent a list of questions to the general email link on the county’s Shell Key page regarding the maintenance of the Shell Key Management Plan in the wake of the disbanding of the County’s Environmental Lands Division. We were

ELD disbanded: Pinellas County Environmental Lands Division …

Due to budget cuts, the Pinellas County Environmental Lands Division will be disbanded after the start of the Fiscal year in October. Oversight for the Shell Key Management Plan will be transferred to the County Parks Department. We will monitor

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